true social sex toy

Pleasure with Europeans today, and Asian tomorrow.

They do it in video
You feel it in bedroom

Take you to orgasm sync with the motion of your video stars.
Permanent free access to metaXsire™ APP for each sex toy user.
Interactive APP remote control, Sensing Tech enabled, All-in-One metaXsire™ APP inside
All-in-one metaxsire™ app
Video Interactive

They thrust in video, you feel it on bed.

Sensing tech enabled transmits actor's moves to your sex toy in real-time.

Free your hand. Let video take you to orgasm.

All-in-one metaXsire™ app
Online Vibes @ X-Club

One-Click join X-Club @ metaXsire™

Join online masked party with sex toys.

Find SEXMATEs from worldwide players.

Safe and Adventurous!

All-in-one metaXsire™ app
Body Interactive

NOT ONLY the vibrator, BUT ALSO your lover.

Real-time sensing tech enabled and AI metaXsire™ APP inside.

The intensity and frequency of your body movements resonate with each other's sex toy at any distance.

Feel your partner's feel, love your lover's love.

APP Remote Control

Control any metaXsire™ toy from near or far, and experience long distance fun wherever you are.

Sync to Music

Sync your metaXsire™ toy to music melody. Dance and vibrate you and your lovers with your favorite songs.

Link Control

Share your control links, and let your partner vibrate your toys login-free.

Try more porn, erotic audio, and sexual game on a third-party interactive platform with metaXsire™ sex toy & sensing tech inside.