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Video Resonance

Sensing tech transmits actors' moves to your sex toy in real time.

Synchronous with video actors to orgasm.

They thrust in video, you feel it on bed.

Local & stream videos from PORNHUB, XHAMSTER, XVideos are all available.

All-in-1 metaXsire™ app
Cyber sex toy

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Interactive sex

Real-time sensing tech and AI metaXsire™ APP empowered.

The intensity and frequency of his/her vibrators resonate with your body's movements at any distance.

Feel partner's feel, love lover's love.

Sexual Improvement Exercise

1.7 home_fitnees_kegel_rex_women
Charming Kegel

Toy vibrations stimulate muscle contractions and exercise the pelvic floor muscle, to keep your vaginal muscles strong and well-toned.

1.8 home_fitnees_Prolongation_cali_men
Orgasm Prolongation

Toy vibrations and contractions can exercise men's pelvic floor, and help in controlling the bladder and genital movements, perform better in bed.

APP Remote Control

Control any metaXsire™ toy from near or far, and experience long distance fun wherever you are.

Sync to Music

Sync metaXsire™ toys to music melody. Auto-Resonate all connected toys with songs.

Link Control

Share your control links, and let your partner control your toys login-free.

More third-party porn, erotic audio, sexual game interactive platforms have been connected to metaXsire™ toys.