10 Challenge ideas for your long-distance couple

10 Challenge ideas for your long-distance couple

Challenging yourself as a couple is a great way to advance your long-distance relationship, and to add a little spice to it! But you still have to dare to make them… And have ideas. So here are a few examples.

Although some of these example challenges can be difficult to complete, we wanted to offer something for everyone.

You will therefore find ideas for challenges for yourself, for the other, for two… in short, for everyone! But specifically designed for people who live their love from a distance.

Challenges in Remote Relationship: challenges to be done in pairs or solo

Challenges to do alone in a long distance relationship

  1. Prepare a gift secretly

A little attention is enough to make a great gift: a personalized sticker, a little craft, a box filled with your favorite biscuits delivered to your home… but shhhh, without telling the other person: you have to keep the surprise!

  1. Naughty Solo Challenges

Well, of course, it is difficult to give yourself challenges. But you can still give naughty challenges to your boyfriend / girlfriend remotely!

The challenger to send you a certain photo, or to do something a little crazy… on this subject, I will let your imagination run wild. 

(Also don’t forget that you can send him more daring things yourself than usual… on good terms, of course.)

  1. Write a love letter, and send it to her

This romantic challenge is a classic, especially in a long-distance relationship! Perhaps this idea will seem less original to you, but the result is always appreciated by its recipient.

Putting your words on paper is a real challenge. You have to find the courage to talk about your emotions… and to convey them.



  1. Pay a surprise visit to your partner

Going to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s house remotely without telling him/her is not always possible, but it’s a wonderful surprise! If you can afford to visit him, one thing is certain: this moment will be charged with emotions…

As this is not planned, be careful not to fall at a bad time (eg week of partials, time when your partner is going to see his family, intense period of work, etc.)

  1. Learn each other’s language

This challenge is valid if you are in a remote relationship with someone who has a different mother tongue than yours: learn theirs! In addition to making him happy and enriching your knowledge, this will allow you to spend complicit and fun times together.


Note: in this case, your partner can also try to learn your language a little bit if they feel like it. 


Ideas for challenges to do as a couple remotely.

1 – Have a picnic in video

It’s not because you are far from each other that all the little follies of everyday life are impossible!

Challenge yourself to have a picnic, and share it together in videoconference (on computer or laptop, whatever) is a great experience. It’s a bit of an opportunity to simulate a “normal” life together, without distance. A small miracle made possible by apps like Whatsapp or Skype.


2 – Remote couple naughty challenges

Maintaining a bond on an emotional and sexual level is essential to maintain a relationship at a distance. And for that, challenges can help! The “game” or “challenge” aspect allows you to break taboos and let yourself go without complexes… and discover more about yourself.

The lack can be very ( very ) present, and lead to long-term frustrations. So why not try ?

Note: there are even connected toys to be able to share intimate moments at a distance… It’s little known but it’s incredible!



3 – Watch a movie together online

A classic challenge, but perhaps we don’t think about it enough! Don’t hesitate to be together on the phone or in video at the same time, to share your moments of laughter, tears or chills.

Nice variant: you can go see the same film at the cinema each on your own, and do the debriefing afterwards!


4 – Ask you questions to get to know you better

Communication is THE key pillar of a long-distance relationship… so inevitably, doing challenges as a couple on the subject is interesting! Asking real questions to each other without taboos will allow you to get to know each other better, and to understand each other.

The ideal: to think of original questions that really open the discussion. For example: “what would you like to know about your future?”, “what is your biggest regret?”, “what do you like the most about yourself?”…


5 – Play games remotely

Board games or video games: it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun. There are so many that exist and have been tested and approved that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them. An essential challenge for any long-distance relationship, whether you play in co-op or versus!



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