How to choose the best male sex toy?

How to choose the best male sex toy?

A right sex toy is a decent investment. The best men's sex toys do for masturbation take a great thing to whole new heights. Sex toys do things you and your partner can't, no matter how advanced your yogic practices, you can't make your penis vibrate on its own. When it comes to the best sex toys for men, the first step is to know some tips.


Solo play or with your partner?

Consider what you’ll mainly be using it for? Using sex toys was once seen as a solo pleasure. Free your hands to vibrate and suck automatically; or use the mobile app to remote control your toy and let it control your orgasm with music and video.


But in recent years people have been waking up to the idea that sex toys might actually be an addition to couples sex lives, not a replacement for them. The pandemic has also led to many couples being separated, and they need normal sexual interaction as well. At this time, an interactive toy that they can move around with is especially important to long-distance couples.


metaXsire Cali is an revolutionary male masturbator in the social sector of sex toys, especially with remote control, warm suction, intense vibrations and waves of pleasure – that’s what an automatic and smart masturbator is! Two powerful motors deliver you spectacular in-n-out stimulation, and stimulates with warm suction to get you there, fast and save. Cali is the intelligent interactive sex toy and so smart for long-distance relationship.


Which are the best male sex toy features?

What kind of stimulation you want and your partner want? Is something that can do far more than you or your partner can do alone? They’re an enhancement to your sex life, so ideally you want something that stimulates in just the right way.


An interactive sex toy like Cali made by metaXsire makes your virtual sex reality ,no matter the distance. We used to dream of in sex but now its becoming a reality. Sync your toys together to feel the same sensations, whenever and wherever you are. 


Can a sex toy give you more than that?

Maybe you need a little more fun adventurous when you live alone. metaXsire may increase your naughty pleasure tonight. You will open a door for a wonderful metaverse and find the special common lovers for special you. Join the X-Club on metaXsire app, invite them to control each other's toys and enjoy the sex pleasure. Feel the same sensations with your favorite MADAM officer/Hostess/Lawyer/BOSS TRUMP , no matter the distance.


Charging, cleaning and other questions.

The best male sex toys will usually be rechargeable, good to the world and your wallet. So what you need to look for is ease of charging, and how long the battery life is. The Cali is rechargeable and has super battery life for up to 90 minutes of continuous use. Magnetic charge,quick and convenient.


If youve read any reviews of the best male sex toys youll probably have seen a lot of mention of materials for good reason. 100% body-safe silicone is the best for your big boy, soft, easy to wash, stretchable and fits any size penis. Cali does all of this and the warm suction leads you there fast.


If you want to use lube then you need to check that the material is compatible and make sure you pair the toy with the correct lube. As a general rule, silicone toys should be used with water-based lube. Any good male sex toy will tell you which lube is right to use with it, as a mismatched lube could end up degrading the toy. Cali is made from smooth silicone, which means its compatible with water-based lubes. Its also waterproof, so really easy to clean when youre done.

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