Orgasm like never before!

Orgasm like never before!

A smart masturbator can give the feeling of penetration, a blow job, a hand job, and more. It takes you on a ride into the wonderland of solo pleasure or couple fun and leaves you with a satisfactory feeling.  


Cali , the intelligent Male Masturbator, with the feature of having sex with anyone, anytime and anywhere.


metaXsire Cali is an revolutionary product in the social sector of sex toys, especially with remote control, warm suction, intense vibrations and waves of pleasure – that’s what an automatic and smart masturbator is!


With a soft and warm vaginal opening, so you can insert your big boy in it and interact with Cali as you would a real-life vagina. Stimulates with warm suction to get you there, fast. Two powerful motors deliver you spectacular in-n-out stimulation. 


It’s difficult to describe the material in words but it is both soft and substantial and has a rich enveloping feeling when it surrounds any part of your big boy. It’s 100% body-safe silicone, washable, easy to clean, when taking care of properly it’s also durable and can last for years.


More fun with solo sex? There's an app for that. Connect the Cali to your mobile ,control the toy with metaXsire app. 10 preset vibrations provide you multiple pleasure. It’s perfect waist curve is easy to hold and manipulate. It's incredibly powerful, extra soft and stretchy on the inside.


It also gets more interesting. You don’t have to relegate the Cali to solo use only. Yep, you heard right! It is also an excellent way to spice up your sex life with your partner and get groovy. Cali is the intelligent interactive sex toy and so smart for long-distance relationship.


The toy connects to the metaXsire app, which allows you to control its vibrations with your phone, let a long-distance partner take the wheel.


The Cali male masturbator, which companions with the metaXsire Olis-fmale vibrator, connects to the metaXsire remote app via bluetooth. When the female vibrator moves, the Cali reacts the same way imitating real sex. When the Cali moves, the paired female toys responds at the totally same rhythm, frequency, vibration range and pleasure. Enabling your lover to connect and enjoy together regardless of the distance! 


The true innovation of the metaXsire is an Authentic, Safe, Inclusive, and Welcoming SEXVERSE. 

You can enjoy free fun with Japanese kimono girls/Koeran hanbok girls/Ukraine sex slaves/Pornhub actors... Just install the free application on your smartphone from, free for Android and iOS users.

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