Sex: How to make love well from a distance?

Sex: How to make love well from a distance?

Even if the polls are often somewhat risky, we generally speak of 2 to 3 sexual intercourse on average per week for a French couple. If you are 2 or 3 a day, don’t panic, this is just a survey… Sexual complicity is essential in a couple and no one can deny it. Sexual frustration is also one of the main reasons for adultery. But how can you achieve sexual fulfillment in a long-distance relationship? Is it really possible to offer an orgasm to his or her partner, even thousands of kilometers away?


Although some couples make the choice to detach love and feelings from sexuality to look elsewhere and remain sexually fulfilled at a distance, we will offer you in this article some tips for maintaining a rich and powerful sex life with your spouse ( e) remote. In this article, no jargon, no filter, no taboo, the only objective will be to give your partner an orgasm, even 5000 kilometers away.


Making love from a distance – Guide to a fulfilling sex life away from each other

Sexting: let your pen do the talking to make your boyfriend crazy with excitement from a distance

What if you started by increasing the excitement with an unforgettable sext? Whether in writing from your keyboard or directly by voice message, sexting (naughty sms) is a great classic but which, well written, will certainly stimulate your boyfriend or girlfriend from a distance.


Whether it is to describe in great detail the fellatio you dream of giving him, the way you would like him to penetrate you in a public place or why not how you would like him to perform unforgettable cunnilingus, sexting must be well written and reflect a situation that is both imaginary but still achievable in real life.


Being only a series of words and ideas, you can integrate into your sexting exotic sexual practices in your messages, the goal being to make your companion dream and allow him to imagine hot scenes which he will still rethink. next night. Sodomy, threesome, sex in a forbidden place, role playing, sexual messages have to be creative and you have to find the right words to make it boil with excitement. By juggling the letters to express your forbidden fantasies without any limits, you will crack him for sure .

Sexy photos, nudes… take “hot” images to get your adrenaline pumping, even from afar

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, they say . In addition to the messages, how about lending yourself to a more explicit and colorful game of seduction? After all, your darling doesn’t often have the opportunity to see you… Reveal your new lingerie, your silhouette or just certain patches of your skin… something to gently increase desire, or much faster depending on the cravings.


Warning: However, beware of “revenge porn”, and do not send photos to your partner if you do not trust him/her 100%, to avoid unpleasant surprises. If tomorrow you are no longer together for one reason or another and he/she decides to send all his sexy photo repertoire of you on the Internet for revenge, or to your Facebook friends, beware of drama… Or for safety , send photos, but without any distinctive sign (face, tattoo, etc.)


Use apps to make love as a couple from a distance

Among the marvels of technology, there is another great asset for making love from a distance: applications. Some use mobile applications in their remote sex life for more complicity. Allow you to send ephemeral images, deleted after viewing : a boon for remote couples wishing to share sexy photos without the fuss. A great way to share intimate moments…


Maintain desire at a distance with an erotic game

Many erotic games exist, and you will find a large number of examples on the web. The classic example is the famous game of strip poker where the loser must each time remove part of his clothes. These sex games are a very nice way to have a good time with your partner while making love from a distance.


Then it’s up to you to create variations, or new ones: ask daring questions, challenge your partner to take a picture of themselves in such and such a position… Other games exist listed in the Bible of erotic games . It’s up to you to experience them during your hours of remote pleasure.


Make love over the phone, in person

“What are you wearing now?”, “What would you do (to me) if you were here? ”: certain sentences can have a lot of effect and lead to torrid discussions. A way of formulating one’s desires out loud, in turn, describing sometimes our desires, sometimes what we do…


The imagination has an important part in this way of making love from a distance. So give free rein to your desires, your fantasies, talk about what you will do during your reunion or the last time you were able to have physical contact… Words have a strong impact, and exchanging risks leaving no one of you two indifferent!


Leave a sexy voicemail on your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s answering machine remotely


Why not surprise your remote boyfriend or girlfriend with a sexy message left on their answering machine? Even a short voice message can destabilize him/her and turn his day upside down, leaving him with pretty thoughts in his head… A way to spice up your relationship and make love from a distance even despite jet lag and distance geographic, since your other half does not have to be present at the same time as you.

Try out sex toys to make love in a long distance relationship

It remains to add the physical sensations to the mental. What if you used new technologies to satisfy your girlfriend’s needs? Our lives are becoming more and more connected over time, so sexuality is logically becoming so as well. If you are in a long-distance relationship with a woman living far away, offering her a connected vibrator is a priority. These sexual accessories that you can buy on the internet  if you are ashamed to go to a sex shop (and this is quite understandable) are more and more efficient and will really allow you to offer moments of pleasure to your girlfriend (or your friend !).


Controllable remotely thanks to a small remote control or sometimes directly via the smartphone , they will allow your girlfriend to feel both pleasure and potentially a vaginal orgasm via back and forth penetrations, but also perhaps clitoral orgasms thanks to a small vibrating part that your wife can place on her clitoris. Being able to control the intensity of the vibrations yourself from a distance and feel that you are giving pleasure to your other half will make the moment even more exciting than a simple solitary masturbation. A way to bring her an orgasm on your own, even from thousands of miles away. 


Be careful all the same, the pleasure offered by these new erotic toys for women is sometimes so powerful that she may ask you to make love to her using this same vibrator when you meet again… Beware of the crisis of jealousy !


Make love remotely by Skype in video

Would you start having sex with your spouse if it was to stop before orgasm? Nothing could be less certain… From a distance as well as physically, it is important that both parties end up with an orgasm and can feel immense pleasure on both sides.


While she had fun with her connected sex toy and it is warming up by reading or listening to erotic messages, it is now time to go up a notch and share a masturbation live video .


Film each other wearing your best underwear, your best lingerie, and relax while watching your partner do the same. You can start with a striptease from a distance, to gently raise the temperature… Even if your bodies are not physically together, your minds will be and that’s the most important thing.


For fulfilling sexuality as a couple from a distance, discuss the subject with your partner

Even if nothing will ever replace real sex and the desire will always be present in the corner of your head, there are solutions to fill the gap . Again, if the lack of sex is too strong, it is essential to talk to your other half about it: maybe she feels the same way, and you could find together beautiful ways to fulfill yourself sexually… Rather than to experience your lack badly without telling him anything, try to find solutions together, to rekindle the flame.

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