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Tens of years of experience on sex toy manufacture & A innovative team of new released creative brand of metaXsire™

About metaXsire™

Our team members have been working on sex toys for decades and have designed and developed tens of millions of related sex toys.

By the 2020s, we upgraded the latest intelligent sex toys and released the next-generation brand metaXsire™, which can not only interact with video & games but also with online toy players or your partner.

We are a young, innovative team dedicated in smart sex toys and integrated to the metaverse,  creating an authentic, safe, inclusive, and welcoming SEXVERSE. That is basically the reason of our name metaXsire.

Our professional and innovative engineers and designers work closely with sexual health experts to develop high quality, safe, ergonomic and intimate sex products that can be synchronized with human bodies.

We offer innovative sex toys that can be controlled remotely via mobile phone or pc, interact with your partners even for long distance relationships, resonate with music and videos, and take digital intimacy to the next level.

We imbue the sex toys and our metaXsire™ app with limitless possibility, leaving room for you to explore and interpret whether on your own or with your partner.


One of our goals is to provide customers with the best service possible. You may email us with questions about your new toy, and we'll be there to answer them anytime.

We have built metaXsire™, an authentic, safe, inclusive, and welcoming SEXVERSE. You can join the toy-Club via the metaXsire™ APP and find your favorite mates, and enjoy super-realistic pleasure with the interactive sex toys.

Our customers deserve the best, and we'll do whatever it takes to give it to them.

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