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Smart & Social
Makes you a king
A magic masturbator can watch movies OR cyber sex with girl toy players
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All-in-One, Solo & Online
Cyber sex toy

Anonymously join Toy-Club @ metaXsire™

Match girls from online toy players.

Toy sex anonymously via metaXsire™ APP.

Safe and Adventurous!

All-in-One, Solo & Online
Video Resonance

Sync with porn video actors in real-time.

You thrust in bed, porn actresses scream to orgasm in your video.

Local & stream videos from PORNHUB, XHAMSTER, XVideos are all available.

Easy one-button @ metaXsire™ APP

All-in-One, Solo & Online

More third-party porn, erotic audio, sexual game interactive platforms have been connected to metaXsire™ toys.

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Orgasm Prolongation

Toy vibrations and contractions can exercise men's pelvic floor, and help in controlling the bladder and genital movements, perform better in bed.

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🏆   Cali 3
🏆   Cali 3
🏆   Cali 3

🏆 Cali 3

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❤️ Strongest interactive APP remote controlled masturbator for solocoupleinteractive & online play.

Online hookup with worldwide girl players, via metaXsire™ APP with 4G/ wifi/ Bluetooth.

Smart & Powerful & Safe. Strong suction, Intense vibrations, Dual motors, IPX7 waterproof, Food grade silicon removable & Easy to clean.