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Cali - Male masturbator & Olis - Rabbit vibrator  & Rex - Egg vibrator

Sensing Tech & metaXsire™ APP empowered.

The interactive APP remote controlled sex toy kit, also for long distance couple.

Feedback each other's body actions real-time via toys with AI sensors & 4G/wifi/Bluetooth;

Or orgasms by music melody & video actors.

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solo play

Music Controlled Sex Toy

Excite yourself with the rhythm of your favorite musics, anytime & anywhere.

Melody in mind, orgasm in organ.

Video Controlled Sex Toy

Vibrate your toys SYNC with the motions of your favored video.

The actors' vibration orgasm you in reality.

Local & Long Distance
Couple play

Couple remote controlled egg vibrator & rabbit vibrator & male masturbator kit - flirt with your partners at the office, bus, pub, shopping mall, park…

Or try his motions in the chatting video to orgasm you at any distance.

metaXsire™ APP controlled sex toy, whenever and wherever.

Interactive Play

Body Controlled Sex Toy

Sensing Tech transmits your thrusts to her, then your toy vibrates & sucks you just as she does, at any distance.

You thrust her here, She sucks you there.

Video Controlled Sex Toy

The intensity & frequency of porn actions are detected by metaXsire™ APP, so all connected toys vibrate along with the porn at any distance.

Actors sex in video, you orgasm in reality.


It is fantastic. Great products, unbelievable consumer service experience!

 Great app - your partner has full control on your orgasms.

The packaging was good and the toys were cheap.

Quick answering emails, they do apologize for the inconveniences... at least for my purchases.

I am very pleased with it, & the fact that it can be rc controlled by somebody else far away, makes it interesting the grade is excellent, the setup was straightforward, and the app is simple to use.

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