🏆   Rex 4
🏆   Rex 4
🏆   Rex 4

⭐ 4th Generation App remote controlled Egg toy

🏆 Rex 4

❤️ 2022 Top interactive APP remote controlled egg vibrator for solo, couple, interactive & online play.

Music & Video controlBody interactive and online female toy via 4G/ wifi/ Bluetooth.

Safe & Smart, Powerful & Quiet. IPX7 waterproof, Food grade silicon, Silky smooth, Powerful Motor, Extremely quiet, AI sensor inside.

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      ⭐ the best interactive sex toy kit for couple


      Cali 3 & Rex 4

      ⭐ most powerful APP remote control toys for couple

      Cali 3 & Rex 4

      Rex 4 kit

      ⭐ 4rd generation interactive egg toy kit for girls

      Rex 4 kit

      Olis 3 & Rex 4

      ⭐ the latest interactive vibrator kit for couples

      Olis 3 & Rex 4


      Solo play

      Music Controlled Egg Toy

      Excite yourself with favorite music rhythm, anytime & anywhere.

      Melody in mind, Orgasm in organ.

      Video Controlled Egg Toy

      Vibrate your sex toy SYNC with the motions of actors in your favored video.

      The actors' thrusts make you orgasm in reality.

      Local & long distance
      Couple play

      Remote controlled egg vibrator - flirts with your partner at office, bus, pub, park...

      Or try his motions in the chatting video to orgasm you at any distance.

      Trick or control, whenever & wherever.

      Interactive play

      Body Controlled Sex Toy

      Sensing Tech transmits his thrusts to you, then his toy vibrates & sucks him just as you do, at any distance.

      He thrust you there, you vibrate him here.

      Video Controlled Sex Toy

      The intensity & frequency of porn actions are detected by metaXsire™ APP, so all connected toys vibrate along with the porn at any distance.

      Actors sex in video, you orgasm in reality.

      Safe Cybersex toy
      Online play

      More than men - Safe & Gentle, Strong & Quiet

      Not only solo toy, but also social tool to meet new friends.

      Anonymously cybersex with your chosen toy players - give you a favored new life.

      Charming Kegel

      Toy vibrations stimulate muscle contractions and exercise the pelvic floor muscle, to keep your vaginal muscles strong and well-toned.

      1.7 home_fitnees_kegel_rex_women


      The app is very easy to use. Rex connects right away to Bluetooth. The app could work when the phone is locked. So convenient for enjoying the 'Music' function.

      The toy vibrates so quietly and the material is very soft. I think the next step is wearing it outside for some fun.

      It was an intense experience. The intensity of the pulses is great, and all the available vibration options is interesting.

      I purchased the Rex and it's my first purchase here.Excellent selection and easy buying process.

      The battery is excellent, portable and a fully manual.

      Soft and flexible for stay in place and comfortable to wear. I could get an easy angle to enjoy it. The app is so amazing.

      This is perfect for in public or in private, and the app is also user-friendly. Even it could vibrate by the music in pub.

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